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Creative Arts Graduation Show 2020

Variations (異色流) of the graduation show is the homophone of stream of consciousness, a unique narrating style in literature. Stream of consciousness emphasizes the form of expression, with no boundary of time nor space, it removes limitations from creativity. The graduates wish to express themselves in their artworks without boundaries.


Consciousness forms thoughts, thoughts join to form the river of creation. “Stream” represents the ever-changing art concepts, like flowing water. On top of that, there are distinct colors and styles in the stream of art. It embodies the desire of the creators for extraordinary.


Creative arts live in every heart, everyone has different values and ways of life. This year’s graduates of creative arts break out of their frames and their comfort zones. All the artworks are the fruition of the past 4 years of study, representing their minds and consciousness atypical of the mainstream.



OUHK Creative Arts Graduation Show 2020 (17 – 24 July)

In light of the latest development of the novel coronavirus infection, the Student Organising Committee has cancelled the Creative Arts Graduation Show 2020 as a precaution to protect the health and safety of students.
The website of the Graduation Show will continue to showcase the excerpts from the artistic works by the graduates. Please keep checking our website.

Graduation Works


 Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and Film Arts 

The Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and Film Arts degree prepares the students for various careers in both traditional and digital creative media such as scriptwriting, editing, TV and film production, public relations, and media research. Opportunities for postgraduate studies are available in Hong Kong and abroad.

In this programme, students study a wide range of creative subjects including language, literature, writing, creativity, critical thinking and film arts, the design of which provides the students with solid theoretical and practical knowledge for working in modern creative industries or related further studies. Our facilities include a film/ TV production studio, a film-editing laboratory, and a sound studio.



Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Animation and Visual Effects 

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Animation and Visual Effects degree, students are well suited for a wide range of careers in the creative media industries such as animation, film, TV, postproduction houses, publishing, advertising, art education, game and web design. Opportunities for postgraduate studies are available in Hong Kong and abroad. 

Students in this programme will receive an in-depth education and holistic training in both creative cultivation and technical mastery of the art in animation and digital visual effects. Key areas of study and training include all aspects of animation and digital visual effects production, creative storytelling, cinematic production, art history and aesthetic theories. Facilities include an art studio, two animation computer laboratories, a VFX studio, and a post-sound studio.



Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Cinematic Design and Photographic Digital Art

The programme combines university-level education in critical thinking as well as professional training in cinematography, photography and contemporary digital imaging technology. Creative uses of photographic techniques in both still and moving images and interactive context are emphasised. The study will target the students in professional communication practice, as well as artistic expression. Core subjects on various aspects of art and media are also incorporated to encourage students to explore new cinematic and imaging skills in contemporary media and creative industry.

Subjects of study include cinematography, studio photography, fine art photography, expanded images, digital imaging design and video production. Graduates of this programme will be well prepared for careers in applied photography, visual communication and other branches of the creative industry. They can also be art professionals, critics as well as independent artists.



Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Advertising and Media Design

The programme aims to provide students with an in-depth education and training in strategic communication, creative development, digital media design, production techniques, copywriting and campaign planning. Taught by scholars and experts of media and advertising field, students build academic foundation and acquire the latest knowledge and technical skills of digital advertising and media industries. Facilities include a photography studio, a digital darkroom, a film/TV production studio, a film editing laboratory, an animation studio, a sound recording studio, a surround sound mixing studio and an art studio.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Advertising and Media Design degree, students are well suited for a wide range of careers in the creative media and advertising industries such as art directors, account managers, copywriters, digital strategists, media planners, designers, producers, communication managers and event planners. Opportunities for postgraduate studies are available in Hong Kong and abroad.



Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Computing and Interactive Entertainment

This interdisciplinary programme is jointly offered by the Department of Computing under the School of Science and Technology and the Department of Creative Arts under the School of Arts and Social Sciences. Students are well prepared to apply cutting-edge computer science technology to design and build interactive entertainment applications with optimized visual and audio stimulations. Trainings in this programme stress on user experience and interactive design in real-time rendering environment. 

Key subjects of study include interactive animation production, visual communication and storytelling, creative game programming, artificial intelligence, user interface and user experience design. Graduates of this programme are digital art professionals as well as computer system developer. Their hybrid skillsets allow them to dive beyond the digital entertainment industry, and work as an important role in a team to design and develop interactive graphic applications for serious usage, such as graphical systems for healthcare trainings, or construction and building management.


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